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The Role of the Faculty Student Council

The FSR FGw serves as the bridge between the students, academic staff and the Faculty Board. It works closely with the Faculty Board to consult on new plans and developments within the Faculty. The FSR FGw is tasked with critically evaluating the Board’s plans and, where necessary, proposing any changes and themes relevant to both the Faculty and its students.

The Voice of the Humanities Student

The function of the FSR FGw is to ensure that student's voices and opinions are heard and taken into consideration. The Council endeavours to remain up to date with the actual developments and concerns brought to light by the Faculty’s students. The FSR FGw ensures these are heard in a number of different ways, the foundation of which are two central rights:

  • The right to be consulted;
  • And the right of approval.

The Right to be Consulted

The FSR FGw has the right to be consulted when it comes to certain Faculty affairs. This means that the Faculty Board must consult the FSR FGw in the event of particular plans, policies or proposals, such as a change in the language of instruction of a programme.

The Right of Approval

In other cases, the FSR FGw is entitled to the right of approval, whereby particular plans, policies and proposals must be approved by the FSR FGw before they may officially be enacted. For example, the FSR FGw may call on the right of approval in the case of the establishment of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), a document that prescribes the rights of students and duties of academic staff with respect to examinations, resits and binding student advice (BSA).

Public Assembly

In addition to the aforementioned roles, the FSR FGw also offers an additional avenue for issues and problems faced by the Faculty’s student body. The Facultys Student Council members come together during a weekly plenary session that is open to all members of the public. If you would like to attend a session or find out when they take place, please consult the Council’s website and Facebook page. The exact meeting times are subject to change per study period in accordance with the study schedules of the Council’s members.