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Examinations Board Bachelor's programmes

Examinations Board Bachelor's programmes

The Examinations Board of the College of Humanities (CoH) is made up of lecturers from the Bachelor's degree programmes.

Tasks and powers

The tasks and powers of the Examinations Board include the following:

  • determining in an objective and professional way whether a student satisfies the conditions stipulated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) for obtaining a degree;
  • ensuring the quality of end-of-term and final exams;
  • granting exemptions from taking one or more examinations;
  • approving elective courses;
  • implementing measures in the event of fraud and plagiarism.
  • Should you contact the Examinations Board or the Education Desk?

    The Examinations Board deals with requests from students. You may only submit requests by using the proper digital form. For more information and the various forms, see Submit a request.

    The Education Desk can provide you with information or clarification regarding specific regulations. If necessary, you will be referred to the study adviser. 
    It may be wise to consult the study adviser before submitting a request to the Examinations Board. In most cases, the study adviser can tell you which information the Examinations Board will need in order to assess your request.

  • Rules and Guidelines

    The CoH Examinations Board establishes Rules and Guidelines on the basis of the Teaching and Examination Regulations that are determined yearly by the Faculty‚Äôs Dean. These Rules and Guidelines comprise, among other things, the tasks of the Examinations Board, as well as regulations with regards to assessment and the processing of individual requests.

  • Cum Laude

    The Cum Laude Regulations for the Faculty of Humanities can be found via the link below:

  • Dispensation for a negative BSA

    If personal circumstances have led to you incurring study delay and, as a result, are preventing you from meeting the BSA norm, you can apply for dispensation for the negative Binding Study Advice via the Examinations Board.

    Please note: because of the coronavirus outbreak, no negative BSA will be given for the academic year 2019-2020. You can continue your programme in 2020-2021 even if you obtained fewer than 48 ECTS in your first year.

  • File an appeal

    If you do not agree with a decision taken by an examiner or the Examinations Board, you have six weeks from the date of the decision in which to file an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board (CBE). When filing an appeal against a final mark, please consider the following:

    • You should first attempt to resolve the problem in consultation with the examiner, but remember that an appeal with the CBE must be filed within six weeks after registration of the final result.
    • An appeal against a partial mark is not possible;
    • When the CBE has received your appeal, it will ask the Examinations Board to investigate whether a settlement is  possible. If this is not the case the CBE takes a decision.

    Other matters for which you may file an appeal include the order, approval, scoring or resits of courses, practical training, examinations or assignments, etc.

  • Members of the Examinations Board

    The Examinations Board CoH consists of the following members:


    Prof. dr. V.V. (Vladimir) Stissi

    Arts & Culture

    Dr A.A.H. (Lex) Bruinhof

    English Language and Culture

    Dr K.A. (Kristine) Johanson

    European Studies and Religious Studies

    Dr A.C. (Anne) van Wageningen


    Dr. R. (Ruud) van Dijk

    Language, Culture & Area Studies

    Dr R.M. (Ronald) de Rooij (chair)

    Literary Studies & Linguistics

    Dr. D.V. (Daan) Wesselman

    Media Studies

    Dr. L.K. (Leonie) Schmidt


    Dr. S. (Stefan) Niklas

  • Contact

    Requests may only be submitted by means of a standard form. For more information and the various forms see Submit a request.  

    Please direct other correspondence to: 

    Examencommissie CoH
    P.C. Hoofthuis, room 3.37 
    PO Box 93056, 1090 BB Amsterdam