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Top athletes and Top performers in the arts at the UvA - information meeting

Laatst gewijzigd op 15-07-2024 04:23
Get an insight into the arrangements for studying in combination with performing at a high level in sports or the arts.
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Welke opleiding volg je?
04-09-2024 15:00
04-09-2024 16:00
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Studying at the UvA in combination with practising top-level sport or top-level culture is facilitated by your programme as far as possible. The programme may make exceptions regarding compulsory attendance, online teaching or exams. An extra examination opportunity may also be available. You can also schedule an appointment with the study advisor to discuss your schedule. In this workshop, you will find out if you qualify. Also, you'll learn how to apply for financial support when your studies are delayed due to top-level sports or top-level culture and what other facilities you can benefit from.

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Please read the information on the following webpage in advance: Help for top-class athletes.


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