Welke opleiding volg je?

Kick-off: Selected for the Global Exchange Programme cycle 2: what are the next steps?

Laatst gewijzigd op 03-02-2023
Feel well prepared for your exchange!
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Nu zie je algemene informatie op deze site. Kies je opleiding om ook informatie te zien die specifiek voor jouw opleiding geldt, zoals deadlines, regelingen en contactgegevens.
Welke opleiding volg je?
05-07-2023 13:00
05-07-2023 14:30
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You have been placed in the Global Exchange Programme. Going on exchange takes a lot of preparation. This kick-off session will give you an insight in the next steps to ensure you can actually go on exchange. You will also be able to meet other exchange students. This event will take place at SP L1.01 (Science Park).

Please only sign up for this information session if you have been selected for the programme.


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