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Welke opleiding volg je?

Information Session: Short-term Learning Opportunities

Laatst gewijzigd op 05-12-2023 03:22
Discover alternatives to conventional exchanges: discover the world of summer schools all over the world, international conferences and virtual or hybrid learning at universities all over the world. Many of them are funded for UvA students too!
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Welke opleiding volg je?
12-12-2023 17:00
12-12-2023 18:30
Roeterseilandcampus (Algemeen), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
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Did you know that there are many funded opportunities to study abroad all over the world, other than through a semester-long exchange? The programmes in the category Other international opportunities, such as INCiTE, NICE and U21, offer you an accessible option to step out of your comfort zone: they are shorter and more affordable than a traditional exchange, and will leave you with nothing short of a profound and life-changing experience abroad. This way, students can still enjoy an international experience without leaving home for months.

In this session, you can find out which Other International programmes the UvA has available for you so that you can go ahead and apply! Room: REC A 2.07


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