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SPS-NIP | The dual sword of e-health and e-learning – Tim Wind

Laatst gewijzigd op 20-10-2022
SPS-NIP | The dual sword of e-health and e-learning – Tim Wind
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31-10-2022 17:00
31-10-2022 18:30

Roeterseilandcampus -Building A


Roetersstraat 11 


A 1.02

Tim Wind is an experienced clinical psychologist who has contributed to a wide range of different facets within the field. Not only does he work as a trauma therapist at Arq-45 (an institute specialised in trauma treatment for sufferers of war), he’s also co-founded Psyflix (Netflix for Psychology/treatment related material), as well as he is the head teacher E-Health at RINO amsterdam.

Building on his experience, Tim will give a lecture about e-health and e-learning, which are increasingly important aspects of the field of psychology as our world evolves and grows ever more digitalised.

"The dual sword of e-health and e-learning: how the adoption of e-health and e-learning will simultaneously integrate within mental health care in a seamless fashion and how it will change the face of mental care as we know it."

We hope to see you there!