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'Playful Research'

Laatst gewijzigd op 12-09-2022
Bas Haring laat zien dat creatieve en speelse wetenschap - door jezelf en met je handen - mogelijk, leuk, en niet moeilijk is.
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21-09-2022 17:00
21-09-2022 19:00

Science Park zaal H0.08

According to a traditional, rather old-fashioned perspective on art and science, the difference between the two is as follows: Art is creative, has a "making" component — is done with your hands — and is an individual endeavor. Science is difficult, cerebral — is done with your head — and happens in large labs where dozens of people work together.

Bas Haring shows that creative and playful science — by yourself, and with your hands — is possible, fun, and not difficult. He will discuss how you can be curious, and how you can translate curiosity into "action". He'll do so with numerous examples of inspiring, creative individuals: from Bill Phillips, a heating mechanic in his thirties who became one of the most successful economists of the past century via a large machine filled with water; to Jack Andraka who was only 15 years old when he invented a novel way to prevent pancreatic cancer in his attic room.

About Bas Haring

Bas Haring is professor of Public understanding of science and founder of the Master's programme in Media  technology at LIACS, Leiden University. He is a philosopher with a Ph.D. in computer science. In his work in a fresh and accessible manner he shows that science and philosophy can be understood – and done! – by almost everyone.