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Individual Projects

Individual Projects

Master Earth Sciences

Within the Master Earth Sciences, part of the study programme consists of individual projects. Some of these are compulsory, others are elective courses.

Important note: registration for the Literature Review must be done via SIS. You can find more information about registering for courses under Course Registration in the A-Z list.

Information on this page may not (yet) be complete. More information can be found on the Canvas site: Individual Courses Master Earth Sciences

Step-by-step plan for Individual Projects

This document gives an overview of the different steps in the course of an individual project.

Step-by-step plan individual project Master ES

Project Registration in Datanose

Registration and assessment of all projects is done in Datanose.

Research Proposal


Guidelines Research Proposal

Master Thesis Research

Two different individual courses are known under this name: Master Thesis Research 1 (30-42 EC) and Master Thesis Research 2 (30 EC). The name and length depends on the track you are following.

Choosing a topic

Check the Canvas Thesis Topics for a list of potential topics.

Protocol and forms

Master Thesis Protocol Interim Assessment Form Master Thesis


An internship can be either 18 (3 months) or 24 EC (four months).

Protocol and forms

Protocol Internship Master ES Mid-Term Assessment Form Internship

Writing a Scientific Article


Guidelines Scientific Article

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