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Fieldwork and laboratory activities are an important aspect of the Earth Sciences and Biology curricula, but there are also inherent risks when activities take place far away from normal roads and foot paths.

The University of Amsterdam arranges a special ‘fieldwork insurance’ for these activities. As a student, it is mandatory to fill in two forms and to take note of several important rules and regulations before you enter any field campaign or participate in courses involving excursions, fieldwork or laboratory work. In addition you are also required to close-off proper private third party insurance.

The mandatory forms that are required for being able to participate in fieldwork and excursions are found below. Without these forms it is not possible to grant you access to a fieldwork or excursion.

Medical form

In the interest of safety of yourself, other students and the staff, we request you to fill in the medical information form in DataNose before you leave on a fieldwork or excursion. It may be possible that the medical officer of the University of Amsterdam contacts you for further information.

Important: this form and information therein is only intended to be assessed by the medical officer and is deemed classified to other parties.

Field statement

In addition to the medical form, you are required to fill-in a fieldwork declaration by which you agree to obey the safety rules and regulations during excursions and fieldwork as told to you by the teachers and/or excursion leaders. Hand in the form at the education service desk at the 2nd floor of the Science Park.