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Where to go for help with undesirable behaviour

Last modified on 01-02-2023 18:54
If you’re facing an unsafe situation or undesirable behaviour, there is always someone you can turn to. Below you’ll find an overview of the people and options available to you.
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What is your study programme?

Confidential advisers

A confidential adviser is always on your side and will support you if you’re facing undesirable behaviour. They do so by offering a listening ear, and by working with you to find a way to stop the behaviour or prevent the situation from getting worse.


You can contact the ombudsperson confidentially if you want independent and impartial advice or mediation. For example, if you’re dealing with undesirable behaviour, a violation of academic integrity or the (incorrect) application of rules and procedures.

Student psychologists

For short-term help with mental problems that hinder your studies, you can contact a student psychologist. For example, if you have problems with motivation, concentration, procrastination, stress or fear of failure.

Study advisers

A study adviser can help you with questions about your study programme, your planning or personal circumstances that influence your studies, such as illness or a restrictive home situation.

Student Counsellors

A Student Counsellor will support you in special circumstances that affect your studies. For example, illness, family circumstances, finances or studying with a disability. In most cases, it is better to go to the study adviser first. They can refer you to a Student Counsellor.

Student doctors

As a student, you can register with the General Practitioners Practice UvA. Doctors at this clinic specialise in the physical and mental health complaints that students often encounter. You can come here if you have concerns about your health, if you’re not feeling well or if you have problems resulting from undesirable behaviour by a fellow student or a UvA staff member.

Complaints committee

The complaints committee is an independent committee responsible for handling and advising on complaints. You can submit a complaint about inappropriate behaviour or unfair treatment by staff. A confidential adviser can help you with this process.