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Study completion delays due to exceptional circumstances or force majeure

Last modified on 11-05-2023
Have you fallen behind with your studies due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control? Click here to find out where to turn for help.
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What is a study completion delay due to force majeure? 

The term study completion delay due to force majeure implies that you obtained fewer credits as a result of exceptional personal circumstances occurring during this academic year. 

Examples of personal circumstances include:

  • illness (e.g. surgery, glandular fever, mental health problems)
  • a disability of chronic illness (e.g. deafness, rheumatism, Crohn's disease)
  • special family circumstances (e.g. caring for a parent or the illness or death of a parent)
  • pregnancy
  • high-level sports or high-level cultural talent
  • an insufficiently feasible degree programme

Financial assistance

Are you experiencing study completion delay due to force majeure? You may qualify for financial assistance or an extension of your student grant.

Study Progress Monitoring for non-EU students

Are you not going to obtain at least 50% of your EC’s this year, because of severe personal circumstances? Under certain conditions, you can apply for dispensation from Study Progress Monitoring.

Visit your study adviser 

If you have incurred a study completion delay due to exceptional circumstances, please contact your study adviser as quickly as possible. Your study adviser will help you determine whether you can adjust your schedule, take it easy or temporarily terminate your enrolment. The study adviser can also refer you to other support services and help you apply for financial assistance.

International students with a residence permit

Each academic year, you are required by law to attain at least 50% of the credits of your full time study programme. If you do not attain the 50% threshold, the UvA will verify whether there is a valid reason for you to be exempted from the threshold. If you are not exempted, the UvA has to inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) about it, with the withdrawal of your student residence permit as a consequence.

Are you at risk to fail the threshold? Please contact your study adviser to discuss your situation. He or she may refer you to a student counsellor

Other support services and people to talk to 

Are your personal circumstances making it hard to enjoy your studies and make progress? You can always turn to someone for help and should never feel like you are on your own. Click here for an overview of useful information and people to talk to about study guidance and health and well-being


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