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Overview of courses with GLASS course registration

Last modified on 09-06-2022
As of June 2022, a large number of UvA study programmes will be using the new course registration system GLASS. Read which programmes will participate in June.
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What is your study programme?

Study programmes participating in June 2022 with GLASS

In the list below you find the courses that will use GLASS in June 2022. You can read how course registration works on the page Course registration via GLASS

Study programmes Economics & Business

  • Master Accountancy and Control
  • Master Business Administration
  • Master Entrepreneurship (joint degree)
  • Master Finance
  • Master Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance
  • Master Business Economics
  • Master Econometrics
  • Master Economics
  • Master Fiscale Economie

Study programmes Faculty of Humanity

  • Bachelor Media en cultuur
  • Bachelor Media and Information
  • Bachelor Filosofie

Study programmes Communication Science (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

  • Bachelor Communicatiewetenschap
  • Bachelor Communication Science
  • Bachelor Communication Science (Short-track) 
  • Bachelor Verkorte Bachelor Communicatiewetenschap 
  • Pre-Master's programme Communicatiewetenschap
  • Master Erasmus Mundus Master Journalism, Media and Globalisation
  • Research Master Communication Science

Study programmes Child Development & Education (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

  • Bachelor Onderwijswetenschappen
  • Bachelor Pedagogische Wetenschappen
  • Bachelor Universitaire Pabo van Amsterdam
  • Pre-Master's programme (Forensische) Orthopedagogiek
  • Pre-Master's programme Onderwijswetenschappen
  • Pre-Master's programme Preventieve Jeugdhulp en Opvoeding
  • Bachelor keuzevakken ILO
  • Minor Educatie ILO
  • Minor Kunsteducatie
  • Master Educatieve Master Primair Onderwijs (Joint Degree)
  • Master Onderwijswetenschappen
  • Master Pedagogische Wetenschappen
  • Research Master Child Development and Education
  • Contract onderwijs programma Aan de Slag voor de Klas (ASK) 
  • Master Leraar VHO

Study programmes Psychology (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

  • Bachelor Psychologie
  • Master Gezondheidszorgpsychologie
  • Master Psychologie
  • Research Master Psychologie

Study programmes Social Sciences (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

  • Bachelor Sociologie
  • Bachelor Interdisciplinaire sociale wetenschap
  • Master Sociologie

Study Programme Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics

  • Bachelor Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)

Study Programmes Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Bachelor Fiscaal recht
  • Master Arbeidsrecht
  • Master European Private Law
  • Master Fiscaal recht
  • Master Gezondheidsrecht
  • Master Informatierecht
  • Master International and European Law
  • Master International Criminal Law
  • Master International Tax Law
  • Master Law and Finance 
  • Master Privaatrecht
  • Master Publiekrecht
  • Administratief (master) A - Graduate School of Law - administrative
  • Administratief (bachelor) A - College of Law - administrative