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Help outside the UvA

Last modified on 15-09-2022
If you need help or support from an external organisation that is not part of the UvA, here is a list of available resources.
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What is your study programme?

Available resources include:

  • your own GP or psychologist;
  • Sexual Assault Centre – the websiteExternal link or call +31 (0)800 01 88;
  • police: any criminal offences can be reported to the police. In case of emergency, call the 112 emergency number. If the situation is not urgent, call +31 (0)900 88 44;
  • Veilig Thuis – support for victims of domestic violence the websiteExternal link of +31 (0)800 20 00;
  • Jellinek – experts in the area of alcohol or drug abuse and addiction treatment the websiteExternal link or call +31 (0)88 505 12 20;
  • 113 – suicide hotline the websiteExternal link or call +31 (0)800 01 13.