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Get your curriculum approved

Last modified on 01-04-2022
Are you studying at the Faculty of Science? Before you can apply for your degree certificate, the Examinations Board has to approve your curriculum.
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What is your study programme?

How do I get my curriculum approved?

With help of the Study Plan Application (SPA)External link, and this manual (pdf) (in Dutch), you fill in what courses you already passed, and the courses you still have to pass. Subsequently, you hand in this curriculum at the Examinations Board of the Faculty of science for approval. We try to notify you within 8 weeks whether your curriculum has been approved. If the Examinations Board has approved the curriculum, and your grades are listed in SIS, then you can apply for your degree certificate.

Deadlines approval curriculum

Get your curriculum approved on time if you want to be certain that you can graduate this academic year, before 31 August. You can already submit your curriculum before all courses are completed, and also before the topic of your end project is determined.

Taking courses outside your standard curriculum

Do you want to take electives at another faculty or university? Then first have them approved by the Examinations Board. To do so, you need to submit a separate 'change request'External link. The request has to be sumbitted 8 weeks before the electives start, at the latest.

Change a previously approved curriculum

Do you want to take an extra course, have you dropped a course, or did you take another elective? Then get your curriculum approved againExternal link.

Rejection curriculum

It can occur that your curriculum is rejected by the Examinations Board. If that is the case, we let you know why your curriculum has been rejected. In consultation with your study adviser, you can then compile a new curriculum.