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Flexible learning

Last modified on 17-06-2022
If you want to study part-time in the next academic year due to administrative body membership or care obligations, for example, flexible learning might be just the thing for you.
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What is your study programme?

With flexible learning, you only pay tuition fees for the courses that you take. In terms of course registration, you have the same rights as a regular student. This means you can take any course regular students can take.


You are eligible for flexible learning if you meet the following three conditions:

  • You qualify for the statutory tuition fees (not the institutional fee).
  • You have received a positive study advice for your Bachelor's programme or will receive this no later than 31 August.
  • Your degree programme offers flexible learning, and there is still room for you.

If you want to go on exchange or want to take electives elsewhere, flexible learning is not an option for you.


Registration for current flexible learning students

You can no longer register for flexible learning for next academic year.

Registration for new flexible learning students

You can no longer register for flexible learning for next academic year.


Should you wish to deregister for flexible learning, please contact the Digital Student Service Desk.

Tuition fees

Your tuition fees are calculated based on your total number of course credits (ECTS) plus a 15% surcharge. You pay €42.34 per credit, with a minimum of 6 ECTS = €254.04.

Tuition fee payment

An initial tuition fee statement will be sent to you in early July, at which point you will need to pay the default minimum amount for 6 ECTS. During the academic year, your tuition fees will be recalculated on two occasions: in January and August. The recalculation is based on the number of credits for which you are registered.


If you deregister from a course prior to the start of a semester or study period, you will not be charged for that course. You will still need to pay the minimum tuition fees of €254.04 (6 ECTS). If you terminate your enrolment for the entire degree programme, you will receive no reimbursement (whether partial or full) of tuition fees.

Rights and obligations

As a flexible learning student you are subject to the same rules as apply to any regular student, as stated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations of your degree programme. Your entitlement to financial assistance for students, student loans or student travel products is also unaffected. For more information, please visit DUO.nl.


Please contact the Digital Student Service DeskExternal link with any substantive questions you may have about flexible learning. If you have any doubts as to whether flexible learning is suitable for you, please discuss this with you study advisor.


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