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Flexible learning

Last modified on 20-09-2023 14:37
From the academic year 2023-2024 onwards, flexible learning is no longer available.
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Ministry terminates pilot flexible learning

Since September 2017, a number of UvA study programmes offered flexible learning. Students enrolled in flexible learning paid tuition fees only for the courses they took, instead of for a full academic year. The pilot was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The pilot will end on 31 August 2023. You can no longer register for flexible learning.

Current flexible learning students

Tuition fee payment

Your tuition fees are calculated based on your total number of course credits (ECTS) plus a 15% surcharge. You pay €42.34 per credit, with a minimum of 6 ECTS = €254.04.

An initial tuition fee statement was sent in early July. Tuition fees are calculated again in January and August. The recalculation is based on the number of credits for which you are registered.


If you deregister from a course prior to the start of a semester or study period, you will not be charged for that course. You will still need to pay the minimum tuition fees of €254.04 (6 ECTS). If you terminate your enrolment for the entire degree programme, you will receive no reimbursement (whether partial or full) of tuition fees.

Rights and obligations

As a flexible learning student you are subject to the same rules as apply to any regular student, as stated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations of your degree programme. Your entitlement to financial assistance for students, student loans or student travel products is also unaffected. For more information, please visit DUO.nlExternal link.


Should you wish to deregister for flexible learning, please contact the Digital Student Service DeskExternal link.


Please contact the Digital Student Service DeskExternal link with any substantive questions you may have about flexible learning. 


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