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Fieldwork in the Social Sciences

Last modified on 01-08-2022
On this page you will find information to prepare for your fieldwork.
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Local Supervisor Fee

If you do your fieldwork abroad and your fieldwork supervisor deems it necessary, you might also qualify for the local supervisor fee. This is a fee for the support or assistance of a local supervisor. The role of a local supervisor may consist in any or all of the following:

  • Discussing the research proposal with the student and aiding the student in adjusting it to local circumstances;
  • Introducing the student to key sources of information;
  • Discussing interview outlines/questionnaires with the student;
  • Discussing the progress of research and the problems and challenges the student (might) face;

The Local Supervisor Fee is not meant solely for translation purposes, as an academic component is necessary for the application to be accepted. The GSSS offers local supervisors a Local Supervisor Fee of € 300.

You can apply for the Local Supervisor Fee by indicating this on your online Fieldwork Subsidy Application.

If you are conducting fieldwork in The Netherlands, you are not eligible for the local supervisor fee

For more information about fieldwork funding and other practical matters, you can watch the fieldwork information session recorded on October 19 2020 hereExternal link.