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Conference Fund for Research Masters Social Sciences

Last modified on 20-07-2022
Research Master students in Social Sciences wishing to attend an academic conference can apply for funding at the Research Master Conference Fund (RMCF) of the Graduate School.
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What is your study programme?

Why a conference fund for Social Sciences?

The Graduate School Social SciencesExternal link offers three Research Master programmes: Social Sciences, International Development Studies and Urban Studies. These programmes all aim to prepare their students for a career as researcher, either in society at large or in a university context by continuing their studies as PhD researcher.

It is of special relevance for Research Master students to experience 'real' academic life, such as participating in academic meetings and/or conferences. In order to enable GSSS Research Master students to participate in academic conferences the GSSS has established a conference fund. This fund is intended to support Research Master students wishing to attend academic meetings or conferences as a valuable addition to their studies.

Obviously, the opportunity to be able to participate in conferences may not be open to everyone and is also depended on the conferences held within a particular study period.

For whom and how much?

Students involved in one of the three GSSS Research Masters can apply for a Conference Fund grant once during their studies. The relevance of the conference for the student’s study needs to be supported by a member of staff (professor, academic advisor, tutor) in the programme.

The GSSS Research Master Conference Fund (RMCF) aims to support the attendance of an academic meeting taking place in the Netherlands. Conferences abroad are not excluded, but the funding provides only limited support for visits abroad. A maximum total allocation of € 150,- per student for travel expenses and conference fees is available.

For the academic year 2021-2022 the fund has an overall budget of  € 2000,-. Once this amount has been allocated, any additional eligible applicants will be placed on a reserve list.


The following conditions apply:

  • The applicant has not yet received a GSSS Research Master Conference Fund scholarship before
  • The applicant has ensured no vital classes of the research master’s programme will be missed during the conference and that the lecturers of the courses the student has registered for have been informed in case of an overlap.
  • The applicant is enrolled as a fulltime student at the University of Amsterdam during her/his conference visit (abroad).
  • The applicant has obtained a minimum of 30ECTS in the research master’s programme prior to the starting date of the conference.
  • The applicant has sufficient insurance in place for the full period of the conference visit.

Failure to comply with the conditions above may be ground to reclaim the entire subsidy allocation.

Application Procedure

In order to be eligible for the GSSS Research Master conference fund students need to fill out the online application form below at least two weeks before the conference date. The application form requires the following information:

  • Information about the applicant (name, student number, study). 
  • Information about the meeting/conference (title, date, organisor, attendance fee).
  • Name and contact information of a supervisor, staff member or tutor/academic advisor supporting the application.

The International Office Social Sciences aims to inform the application if the conference fund application is awarded within three weeks.

Fill in the RMCF Application FormExternal link.

If awarded...

The student can fill out, sign and submit the reimbursement form@ together with a copy of their passport and original receipts of traveling costs and conference fee to the International Office Social Sciences by email,