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What is your study programme?

Career and job orientation

Last modified on 09-09-2022
Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? The UvA will be happy to help you explore the possibilities.
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What is your study programme?
  • Career counsellingDo you want to start with your career and labor market orientation? Discuss your questions, doubts and plans with a career counselor.
  • Future perspectives after your studiesAs a student, you do not always have a clear picture of your options on the job market. Read how to orientate on your future prospects and who you can talk to about your career options.
  • Working after graduation: how to go about finding a jobWill you be graduating soon and do you want to work after your studies? If you are not sure how to go about this, you will find some steps below that will help you find a job.
  • Applying for a jobOnce you have completed your degree, or if you want to gain work experience before graduation, you will need to apply for jobs. The UvA Student Careers Centre is happy to help you with this. From your preparation to submitting your application and the actual job interview. Use our tips to get started on your own or take part in a workshop or training course.
  • UvA Student Careers CentreThe Student Careers Centre is there for your career development. You can contact them for a conversation about your possibilities, your ambitions and your doubts, at any time during your studies. Take part in one of the events, have your CV checked, get personal advice from a career adviser or get inspired by the online tips for shaping your career. Up to one year after graduation.
  • Self-knowledgeDo you already have an idea of the kind of career you would like to have? Here, you will find various tips and tools to orient you to your future career and help prepare you for the job application process
  • Graduate profile: your knowledge and skills after your studiesEach study programme has a graduate profile or description of the learning outcomes. It states what you have acquired in terms of knowledge and skills when you graduate.
  • Career eventsThere are many career events that you can participate in. Most events include employer contact, job application workshops and personal career advice.
  • Vacancies and the UvA Job BoardThere are a number of places you can look for jobs, part-time jobs and internships.
  • EntrepreneurshipAre you considering entrepreneurship? Here you can discover if entrepreneurship is the way forward for you and how you can further develop this during your studies.
  • Obtaining a doctorateExternal linkInterested in academia? Doctoral students will encounter an attractive research environment at the UvA.
  • UvA Alumni AssociationExternal linkUvA alumni form a fantastic, global network of people with a wealth of expertise and experience.