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More information about accessing the reading room of the Law Library

1. Why restrict access to the reading room?

The Faculty of Law has taken this decision to ensure that the Law Library collection and study places remain easily accessible to FdR employees and students who are following a study programme at the Faculty. This accessibility has been under pressure since the arrival of the Faculty to the Roeterseiland Campus due to the increasing burden on study facilities in the Law Library. By keeping the entire Law Library accessible to everyone from 17:00 onwards, it is possible for all users to consult the Library collection in the reading room and use the study places.

2. Who has access to the reading room and collection (between 9:00 and 17:00)? 

  • Bachelor's or Master's students of the Amsterdam Law School (with an activated student ID card)
  • students who follow the PPLE Bachelor's programme (with an activated student ID card)
  • faculty staff, or those with a guest appointment (with an activated staff ID card)
  • temporary faculty invitees (with an UvA service card)

3. Who does not have access to the reading room and collection (between 9:00 and 17:00)? 

  • students who follow a study programme at another UvA faculty, even if they are following an elective course at the Amsterdam Law School
  • external PhD candidates who do not have a guest appointment
  • those who are connected to the Amsterdam Law School, but don't have a guest appointment
  • external library users, including holders of a library card and UKB card

4. What kind of facilities and services does the Law Library offer?

In the library desk area (before the access gates)

  • 38 study places, including 4 with PCs (login with UvAnetID)
  • 3 15-minute-PCs (login with UvAnetID)
  • 4 public access PCs - access to the digital collection, for all visitors
  • printing, copying and scanning facilities (with student ID, staff ID or library card)
  • borrowing materials from behind the library desk, mainly compulsory reading material
  • collecting requested (Law) Library materials
  • returning borrowed materials
  • support at the library desk

In the reading room (behind the access gates)

  • 100 study places, including 20 with PCs
  • Law Library collection, except the compulsory reading materials

5. When does the limited access to the reading room apply?

From 1 October to 1 July, between 9:00 and 17:00, access is limited to law students and Law School staff members. During this period, all library users have access in the evenings on Monday through Thursday from 17:00 - 21:00.
In the summer months, from 1 July to 1 October, the entire Law Library is accessible to all library users.

6. Need a place to study? 

A lot of study places ar available near the Law Library:

REC A1: 270 study places, to study individually
REC A0:      275 study places, to study individually and work together
REC B/C1:  266 study places, to study individually and work together
REC H/Library Learning Centre:  757 study places
REC J/K:      127 study places

For more information about study places at the UvA, go to the Location page.

7. Questions?

Refer to the information desk of the Law Library or
- mail to:
- call: 020 - 525 3843