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Open Programme

University Masterclass: Europe, China & Geopolitical Strategy (EN)

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How will Europe survive and thrive in the Eurasian age? In this University Masterclass, we delve into the reality behind political and academic debates on the post-Atlantic era, the dawn of Eurasia, the emergence of the New Silk Roads, and Sino-European relations.

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How do tech-politics and climate change shape geopolitical strategy? Where does the realpolitik of Eurasia leave Europe? Do we have the right strategies in mind when dealing with China?

You will learn how diplomacy and strategy work, both in theory and in practice. By formulating geopolitical strategies, you go head-to-head with top-level foreign policy experts on topics like cyber warfare, climate change and economic security, and reflect on your personal leadership.

The course is taught by Ties Dams (author, consulting strategist and fellow at the Clingendael Institute) and open to master students from all academic backgrounds.

SDGs in education
The IIS strives to reflect current societal issues and challenges in our elective courses, honours modules and degree programmes, and attempts to integrate the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in this course. For more information about these goals, please visit the SDGs website.

Facts & Figures
Mode Short-term
Credits 3 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in November