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UvA-net ID

How do I request a student ID card?

You can request your student ID card via You log in here with your UvAnetID and subsequently upload a photo that meets the specified requirements. You will then receive the card at your home address (provided you have a Dutch address) or you will receive an email indicating at which service point you can pick up the card. More information about the student ID card can be found on the web page Student ID card.

  • I get an error message when activating my UvA-net ID. How can I solve this?

    Your UvA-net ID is the same as your student number.
    Try again after reading these instructions:

    • Do not try to activate your UvA-net ID on your smartphone. Try using a laptop or a pc.
    • Use the details you have also used when you registered in Studielink.
    • Make sure you mention prefixes in the ‘last name’ textbox if your last name has any.
    • When creating a password, use all the password requirements.

    Do you still experience problems while activating your UvA-net ID after following these instructions? Please contact the Central Student Service Desk.

  • I haven’t received my UvA-net ID, what should I do?
    • After you've submitted your application in Studielink, you will receive a UvA-net ID within 48 hours.
    • Please check that your personal information, including your email address, is correctly entered in Studielink.
    • Be sure to check all your email folders. Sometimes, email messages can end up in your spam folder.

    Have you applied before?

    • If you have applied to the UvA before, you will not receive a new UvA-net ID.
    • You can use the UvA-net ID you received when you applied at the UvA before.
    • If you have forgotten the password for your UvA-net ID, go to, select I forgot my password and follow the steps. You can create a new password right away.
    • If this by any chance does not work properly, please contact the Central Student Service Desk.
  • My UvA-net ID account is locked, what should I do?
    • The reason is that too many attempts were made to log in to a protected site using the old, i.e. wrong, password.
    • An account lock will last fifteen minutes, but if the cause is not addressed, your account will simply be locked again.
    • Try to find out where the old password has been stored in your browser. Passwords are often stored in web browsers or in Windows Credential Manager.