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Contact, UvA buildings and open days

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On this page you will find contact details and information about UvA buildings and open days.

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Overview of all university buildings

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Overview of available rooms and study spots

Open days and other activities

Upcoming Bachelor’s open days and other activities

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  • Central Student Service Desk

    The Central Student Service Desk provides general information about studying at the UvA, such as information about registration, admission, tuition fees, student finance, grants and loans, student life, housing, studying abroad and much more.

    If your question is not answered in the FAQ,  there are several ways to contact the Central Student Service Desk.

  • Education Desk

    You can contact the Education Desk of your study programme with questions regarding your course registration or your study programme, but also to arrange an official grade transcript.

    Information and contact details of Education Desks can be found on the page of your student site:

    1. Select your study programme

    2. Click on ‘Contact’ for contact details of the Education Desk

  • Student Services

    At Student Services, you can get several student support services and guidance, before you start studying, during your studies and after graduating as well.

    Read more on Student Services.

    Find the contact details of an appropriate expert for student support, questions and opportunities.