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Application and enrolment



  • Can I start a new Bachelor’s programme in February?

    For first-year Bachelor’s students, there is only one entry date in September. Hence, you cannot start a Bachelor’s programme in February (except at the Amsterdam University College). But if you have not completed your Bachelor’s programme and would like to resume it, it may be possible to rejoin in February. Request permission for this from your degree programme and enrol in a higher year via Studielink.

    Contact details for all Bachelor’s programmes can be found online. 1. Select the Bachelor’s programme of your choice. 2. Click on ‘Contact’ for contact details.


  • What is a follow-up Master’s programme?

    A follow-up master is a Master’s programme specifically designed for students who have completed a certain Bachelor’s programme. All students who have graduated from that specific Bachelor’s programme (and specific similar programmes at other Dutch universities) will be automatically admitted to the follow-up Master’s programme.

    If you haven’t graduated in one of these specific Bachelor’s programmes (for example, because you have graduated at a non-Dutch university), you have to start a full application.



  • How and until when can I withdraw an enrolment request?
    1. There are two steps you need to take in order to withdraw your enrolment request.
      Firstly, log in to Studielink and click on your study programme at the UvA. Then click on ‘withdraw enrolment’. You can withdraw your enrolment request until the first day your programme starts (for example: if your programme starts on 1 February, you can withdraw your enrolment request at the latest on 31 January).
    2. Secondly, please contact your faculty/study programme to let them know you will not be starting the study programme. You can find their contact details via or
    3. Select your programme, and then select ‘programme contacts’ in the menu on the left.
  • What is the status of my enrolment?

    You can track the status of your enrolment via Checklist Enrolment on SIS. In addition, you will be kept informed of the status of your enrolment via status updates sent by email.

    General information and frequently asked questions about enrolment can be found via the Studielink Q&A page.

    Do you have any further questions on this topic? If so, please contact the Central Student Service Desk.

  • When will I receive my proof of enrolment?

    As soon as your enrolment request is completed, you will receive your proof of enrolment by email within 24 hours.

    The status of enrolment will change to ‘enrolled’ in Studielink.

    Please note

    Your enrolment will only be finalised when all enrolment conditions have been fulfilled.

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