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Advising, counselling and career

Frequently asked questions

Are you having problems related to your studies? Do you need advice or counselling for personal problems? Would you like to discuss your options in the labour market? There are a number of UvA counselors that can provide you with support, advice and information. See the overview below.

If you are hesitant about who to contact, or if you want to start tackling problems by yourself, you can use the overview at the bottom of this page to find guidance per topic.

Questions related to your study programme

  • Education Desk

    You can contact the Education Desk of your study programme with questions regarding your course registration or your study programme, but also to arrange an official grade transcript.

    Information and contact details of Education Desks can be found on the page of your student site:

    1. Select your study programme

    2. Click on ‘Contact’ for contact details of the Education Desk

  • Study advisers

    Every study programme has a Study Adviser who is fully informed about the programme’s curriculum. The Study Adviser can answer your questions about the programme’s content and provide support or recommendations for your study planning.  

    In case you have personal problems - which may lead to study delay - it is necessary to discuss the matter with your Study Adviser. 

    Information and contact details of Study Advisers can be found on the page of your student site:

    1. Select your study programme

    2. Click on ‘A-Z’ in the navigation bar

    3. Click on ‘Study Advisers’ and follow the steps given on the page

Questions not related to your study programme

In some cases you may want to consult someone who is not related to your specific study programme’s curriculum. For example, if you fall behind due to extenuating circumstances or mental health issues, and it is not possible to correct this through an adjustment in your programme. If this is the case, you may use the contacts mentioned below.

We have put together some sheets with study tips and advice and offer a number of workshops which can help you to improve your study skills.

  • Central Student Service Desk

    The Central Student Service Desk provides general information about studying at the UvA, such as information about registration, admission, tuition fees, student finance, grants and loans, student life, housing, studying abroad and much more.

    If your question is not answered in the FAQ,  there are several ways to contact the Central Student Service Desk.

  • Student counsellors

    Student counsellors provide advice and support to students who have suffered a serious study delay or have special circumstances that influence their study progress. Circumstances are for example top-class athletics, a disability for which you need specific adaptations to enable studying, illness, pregnancy or parenthood and family circumstances (e.g. informal caregiving). Everything that is discussed with the student counsellor is confidential.

    There are several ways to contact a Student counsellor.

Find guidance per topic