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Young woman wearing VR glasses.

VR Experience: Walk the Plank

Last modified on 21-12-2023 10:25
How does your body react when balancing on a plank at high altitude? Test it with VR glasses in this challenge guided by two sports psychologists! There's no need to register – drop by.
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17-01-2024 12:00
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17-01-2024 14:00

REC E (Hall)

Are you curious how your body reacts when balancing on a board at a high altitude? Take up the challenge and test the VR goggles in this challenge! Sports and performance psychologists Floor Verhoogt and Rolf Soldaat will let you experience the relationship between body and mind during stress in the E-hall. Will you pick up the gauntlet?

This event is part of the Well-being Week 2024. You don't need to register; just drop by.