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Study Session Special: The antidote to procrastination

Last modified on 21-12-2023 09:14
Would you like to identify and address procrastination? Learn how to focus on completing your tasks. This Study Session Special includes expert tips – and a free dinner!
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17-01-2024 13:00
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17-01-2024 19:00

REC H1.01

For you?

Under the belief that 'the worst is yet to come', we tend to push challenging tasks ahead of us. Some tasks appear so formidable that fear of failure or perfectionism can swiftly dominate, whether as a habit or a coping mechanism.

Yet, avoidance is usually not the best strategy. That's why we have crafted a structured study, breaks, and reflection programme to aid your concentration. Our trained student hosts lead sessions that teach you to complete tasks rather than delay them. 


  • 13.00 – 13.45 Training by a psychologist to tackle procrastination
  • 13.45 -  18.30 Study session with trained host to get those tasks done (Pomodoro)
  • 18.30 – 19.00 free dinner together (for REC participants only)

To start this special edition on the right foot, we provide training on recognising and tackling procrastination. In the subsequent study session, we will help you finish your delayed tasks using the successful Pomodoro method. Trained student hosts lead the sessions and monitor your goals to help you maintain concentration. 

Hybrid: choose between 2 in-person locations or join online

The whole event is a hybrid one. You can attend the entire programme at Roeterseiland, UB Singel or online. The psychologist will be present at Roeterseiland. At UB Singel, you'll follow the session via a live stream. At both physical locations, a trained student host will lead the study session. 

Schrijf je je in voor het programma op Roeterseiland? Kies bij je aanmelding dan voor de optie 'REC H1.01'. 

Would you like to participate in the programme at Roeterseiland? Then, when you register, select the option 'REC H1.01'. By registering, you commit to the complete programme at Roeterseiland and will be present from 13.00 to 18.30. Afterwards, we'll have dinner with the REC study group on campus. Dinner is free of charge. 

Will you not be able to attend the complete programme? 

If you can't attend the complete programme, we recommend you select the option for UB Singel (dinner not included) or the online version.

The Library hosts weekly study sessions where we study together. This special session is part of the Well-being Week 2024.


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