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Smart reading skills

Last modified on 28-02-2024 03:22
Discover techniques for smart, efficient and understanding reading.
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Start date
08-04-2024 16:00
End date
08-04-2024 17:00
Building JK, Room 2.92, Roeterseilandcampus, Nieuwe Achtergracht, Amsterdam

Something for you?

During your studies and soon for your work, you'll have to read a lot. This workshop introduces you to techniques to get an overview and to read quickly and with more comprehension. You will learn about active and passive reading, how to get a quick grip on the text and the basics of speed reading.

Important to know

Tip: please follow this workshop in combination with the workshop How to process the study material? Together, they provide good tools to get a grip on what you need to read and process for your courses.

Do it yourself?

You can also check out the advice on the webpage Study methods and study skills.


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