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A table full of perfume bottles and a few people smelling them.

Perfume workshop: Wake up and smell the world

Last modified on 20-12-2023 18:44
Scent designer Frank Bloem teaches you how to make your own perfume. This workshop also offers you a free lunch!
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Start date
16-01-2024 12:45
End date
16-01-2024 14:15

CREA 2.03

Dive into the fascinating world of fragrance with Frank Bloem, an expert scent designer and perfumer. He'll teach you the intricacies of perfume creation and introduce you to a wide range of ingredients. You'll have the chance to engage in the craft of making your own perfume, just as professional perfumers do. By the end of the session, you'll proudly take home a 10ml bottle of your personal fragrance!


12.45-13.15 Free lunch  
13.15-14.15 Workshop