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Last modified on 02-02-2023
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Start date
22-02-2023 15:00
End date
22-02-2023 16:00
Roeterseilandcampus (Algemeen), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland

For you?

Last semester you were abroad for either a study, an internship or another international opportunity. We hope you had a wonderful study abroad experience! How does it feel to be back? Are you finding that being home again is more difficult than you anticipated, or have you made the transition back with ease? Do you think you learned a lot and gained better insights about yourself? Are you missing the international vibe?

On the 22nd of February at 16:00, the UvA is organising a Welcome Back Event, helping you to figure out how you can incorporate everything you learned abroad and successfully re-adjust to your life here at the UvA.

This event takes place at REC A1.03.


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