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Week Against Racism: Panel discussion

Last modified on 02-02-2023
During this panel discussion, as part of the Week Against Racism, we'll discuss what the relationship is between racism and algorithms and AI.
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Start date
15-03-2023 12:00
End date
15-03-2023 13:30

Room L3.36 in LAB42
Science Park

The Effects of Racism on Algorithms and Artificial intelligence

In our information society, predictive algorithms and AI are ubiquitous. This predictive technology is increasingly used in society and business, but there’s a risk that the technology is not neutral and may even be closely related to racism and discrimination. Because algorithms themselves may not have racist intentions, but the developers behind the algorithm may have. This is how racial bias arises in technology. During this panel discussion with, among others, Machiel Keestra (Central Diversity Officer at the University of Amsterdam) and Robin Pocornie (master's student Bioinformatics and Systems Biology), we will discuss what relationship there is between racism and algorithms and AI. How does this manifest itself and what are the consequences?

About the Week Against Racism

Between 13 and 18 March 2023 it's the Week against Racism, which aims to raise awareness about racism. The Centrale Diversity OfficeExternal link is offering a programme during this week that addresses various aspects of racism and has been created in collaboration with academics, students, student organisations and collectives working against racism and discrimination. Join us for panel discussions, lectures and even city walks at the UvA! If you have questions about the programme, please contact Tuyet Stooker at t.p.stooker@uva.nlExternal link.