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UvA Career Networking Events: Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, and Creative Industries

Last modified on 23-02-2023 16:50
During the UvA Career Networking Events, international UvA alumni share their experiences in pursuing a career in the Netherlands after graduation.
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Start date
09-03-2023 19:00
End date
09-03-2023 21:00

Roeterseiland Campus, CREA

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the humanities, behavioural sciences, or creative industries? At this Student-Alumni Career Networking Event, you can meet with UvA-alumni that have built a career in these fields in the Netherlands. They will share their experiences on finding a suitable position, what hurdles they had to overcome to get where they are now, and advise you on steps to take after you finish your studies in this field.

If you would like to join this event, please register through the button above.

This is one of three UvA Career Networking Events. For the other two sessions and additional information, please go to our main UvA Career Networking Events page.