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Transferable skills - Discover your talent

Last modified on 07-02-2023
Would you like to find out what skills you have already developed? Discover your skills, how you can develop them and how to transfer them to new situations.
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What is your study programme?
Start date
17-04-2023 12:00
End date
17-04-2023 14:00
Gebouw JK, zaal 2.82, Roeterseilandcampus, Valckenierstraat 65-67, Amsterdam

For you?

What could you possibly have to offer as a student without any (relevant) working experience? Very little, you might think, but on the contrary! In this workshop, you'll uncover the skills that make you 'you' and how to use and further develop them. You have already gained skills in various ways, at and beyond university, just by living your life. Examples are critical thinking, problem-solving, conflict management or working under pressure. All these skills are highly useful in any given work environment. Unique talents and qualities you bring into any situation. Therefore, they're referred to as transferable skills. You can transfer them from one situation to the next.


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