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Study motivation - workshop 1: Boost your motivation

Last modified on 02-02-2023
Boosting and maintaining your motivation
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Start date
06-04-2023 07:30
End date
06-04-2023 09:00

For you?

Are you dealing with issues of study motivation? In these 4 workshops, we'll help you boost it! You'll be introduced to different aspects of motivation and we'll look at how you can get and stay motivated. Also, you'll be encouraged to reflect on your thoughts and behaviour regarding your study. You'll practice implementing the discussed techniques and theories in your personal preferences and situation.

These workshops are organized as a cycle of four. In each workshop we'll discuss a different aspect of motivation. The themes are comprised of closely connected aspects of motivation. You can choose how many workshops you want to participate in - one, two, three or all four. You need to register for each workshop separately.

Practical information

  • This training is free of charge.
  • After registration, you’ll receive specific information about the exact location
  • This training is offered in English and is open to Dutch and English-speaking students
  • You can register if you are currently studying at the UvA or the HvA or graduated no more than 1 year ago
  • Please note: Demand for this training often exceeds the available spots. We kindly ask you to register once you’re sure that you will attend only.

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