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Room for Discussion Election Debate

Last modified on 09-05-2023
A debate between leaders of the 7 parties battling for a spot on the Central Student Council (CSR) will take place on Wednesday, 10 May.
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Start date
10-05-2023 15:00
End date
10-05-2023 16:00

Roeterseiland, Hall E (Room for Discussion)

The 2023 Student Council elections are taking place from 8 - 12 May. This is your chance to vote in the parties you'd like to represent you in the CSR and faculty student councils (FSR). Not sure which party to vote for? Come to the Room for Discussion election debate. The 7 parties running in the CSR elections will hold a debate on current issues.

The parties running for the Central Student Council are:

  • 020
  • The Activist Party UvA
  • De Vrije Student
  • EnCore
  • Sefa Student Party
  • UvASociaal

Read more about the Student Council elections 2023.