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Information Session: Other International Opportunities to study abroad

Last modified on 02-02-2023
Explore global summer schools and other short exchange programmes. Choose the one that suits you!
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Start date
21-03-2023 15:00
End date
21-03-2023 16:00

For you?

Enjoy a study abroad experience, in a short period of time with high impact: that's what the other international opportunities are all about. Join a global summer school (online, partially online or on campus), think about solutions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals or create an international entrepreneurial mindset that increases your employability. During the session we will talk about the following programmes:

  1. INCiTE - Summer School in Cambodia
  2. NICE - Summer School in Italy
  3. U21 network - Summer Schools offered around the world
  4. UNICA - European Student Conference
  5. AIESEC - Volunteer work and internships

Step out of your comfort zone and improve your intercultural skills!


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