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Finding a job in The Netherlands

Last modified on 10-12-2022
Discovering opportunities when you don’t speak Dutch
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Start date
16-01-2023 10:00
End date
16-01-2023 11:15

For you?

Are you orientating on starting your career in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch speaker? In this compact online workshop, you’ll be introduced to the job market in the Netherlands. An expert on career coaching for international professionals will focus on how to further your career in the Netherlands. You’ll discover which part of the job market is interested in non-Dutch speaking graduates. Also, you’ll get an idea of what a job search strategy entails and how it can be of use, and if you have to learn Dutch or not. In the end, you’ll have a better picture of how to start your job search in the Netherlands.

Practical information

  • This workshop is free of charge
  • You can register if you are currently studying at the UvA or if you graduated no more than 1 year ago

Do it yourself

You can find self-assessment tests, videos, and tipsheets on successful job hunting here:


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