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Cultural Exchange Ambassador Programme

Last modified on 03-02-2023
• meet local and international students and play an important role representing the University of Amsterdam
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Start date
07-02-2023 15:00
End date
16-05-2023 15:30
Roeterseilandcampus (Algemeen), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
• expand your volunteer experiences and collaborate with students form a range of different cultures
• future-proof your career with 21st century skills to stand out and succeed as intercultural leaders

Sounds interesting? Join this group of global changemakers and help support our multicultural student community! Everyone is welcome to join.

Multicultural teamwork: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The UvA Cultural Exchange Ambassadors Programme is a team-based, extracurricular experience promoting equity in mobility, celebrating cultural diversity and inspiring students to engage with their community. You will be given the opportunity to use you student mobility experience (for example participating in an exchange, summer, conference, scholarships and/or virtual study abroad programme) and collaborate in various teams to complete a list of challenging but fun projects. You will meet your fellow ambassadors during weekly sessions on Tuesday afternoon (with a break in-between the programme), spending a total of around 30 hours of work on a variety of team projects.

Developing professional skills

As an ambassador, you will be trained to navigate and adapt to cultural differences, apply different strategies to capitalise on the creativity and innovation that comes with multicultural teamwork and develop your intercultural competence; a useful skill for everyone who foresees a future career where you will be working with a diverse group of people. The programme will focus on enhancing your self-efficacy in interacting with students from different cultures with an emphasis on communication, equity-mindedness and inclusion. At the end of the programme, you will receive a certificate and a LinkedIn recommendation.

The first session on 7 February takes place at REC JK B.11. The following sessions are scheduled for:

Tuesday 7 February 16.00-18.00
Tuesday 14 February 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 22 February 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 28 February 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 7 March 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 14 March 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 4 April 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 11 April 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 18 April 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 25 April 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 9 May 16.00-17.30
Tuesday 16 May 16.00-17.30


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