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Picture of University Day flags in one of the UvA Buildings

University Day 2022

Last modified on 05-08-2022
The University Day is the annual event for alumni, staff, students, and other relations of the UvA. It will be a day full of inspiring sessions. Will we see you there?
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The influence of media and communication on the choices we make every single day is the main topic of the University Day 2022. The influence on small and large, conscious and unconscious choices is large - including on how we deal with the consequences of our choices.

That is why, on Saturday 24 September, we will bring together various perspectives on this theme in a powerful programme featuring, among others, Anita Elberse (Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, author of the book Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment, and UvA alumnus) and Marcel Levi (NWO president, UvA professor and UvA alumnus).