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Presentation Master's Thesis - Joshua Fockens - Brain & Cognition

Last modified on 08-08-2022
Inter-individual Variability of Spatial Problem Solving and Visual Memory after Electroconvulsive Therapy in Depressive Patients: Improvement and Decline
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Start date
12-08-2022 11:00
End date
12-08-2022 12:00

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This study investigated visual memory and spatial problem solving after ECT on both group level and inter-individual level, and how remitted patients differ from healthy controls. Previous acquired data regarding the patients (n=21) was used for this study and 37 controls were acquired. Both groups performed the RCFT on a pre- and a post-ECT neurocognitive assessment. On a group-level the patients showed no change, however inter-individual differences were found. 

This study found that around 15% of the patients showed a decline, 15% showed an improvement and 70% of the patients remained stable. Furthermore, remitted patients performed worse than healthy controls regarding visual memory. However, further investigation is required to determine if remitted patients might improve and eventually reach the same level as healthy controls after ECT. The results support the theory that neurocognitive side effects after ECT have significant inter-individual variability.