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Presentation Master's Thesis - Isa de Vries - Clinical Psychology

Last modified on 27-10-2022
The effect of affirmations on change talk in chatbots
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Start date
04-11-2022 10:00
End date
04-11-2022 11:00

Roeterseilandcampus -Building G


Roetersstraat 11 



Chatbots are one of the main new technological mental health interventions. However, a lot more research needs to be done before the potential of chatbots can be fully realized. Some interesting avenues of research for chatbots are motivational interviewing (Affirmations in particular), change talk, and self-determination theory. It can namely be argued that a chatbot using affirmations might be able to increase change talk. It could then potentially be useful to base these affirmations on self-determination theory. 

For the present study, conversations for chatbots were designed to test if chatbots using affirmations based on self-determination theory are more likely to increase change talk than chatbots who are not using affirmations. Additionally, the quality of the chatbot was measured.