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Presentation Master's Thesis - Iris Smal - Psychological Research Methods

Last modified on 21-10-2022
Can we Improve AUT Instructions to Enhance Creative Performance?
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Start date
25-10-2022 12:00
End date
25-10-2022 13:00

Roeterseilandcampus -Building G


Roetersstraat 11 



The Alternative Uses Test (AUT; Guilford, 1967) is widely used to measure creative potential and divergent thinking. It has many different versions and is often adapted, with or without theoretical considerations and rigorous transparent reporting, exacerbating the AUT’s low validity and reliability. People often perform poorly on the AUT – whereas more often than not, in research, the goal is to gauge people’s optimal or at least average creative or divergent thinking ability. In this research project, we tried to enhance people’s performance on the AUT by providing them with positive examples of AUT responses (what kind of responses we are looking for) or with negative examples (what kind of responses we are or are not looking for). We assessed whether adding examples enhances creative performance and whether different types of examples restrict or enhance creativity