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Presentation Master's thesis - Cerasela Somersall - Brain & Cognition

Last modified on 26-09-2022
Integration Window too large?: The size of the spatial window affects unconscious information integration.
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Start date
30-09-2022 12:00
End date
30-09-2022 13:00

Roeterseilandcampus - Building G

Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B


There is an ongoing debate about whether unconscious information integration exist. Although some researchers believe that information integration can only happen together with a conscious experience (Baars, 2002; Dehaene & Naccache, 2001; Engel et al., 1999; Treisman, 2003), the studies of a few researchers supported the claims that information integration can occur on a subconscious level ((Mudrik et al., 2011; Mudrik & Koch, 2013; Van Opstal et al., 2010; Van Opstal et al., 2011). 

However, re-analysis of some of those studies and the failure to replicate those studies raised some questions about those claims about unconscious processing. One exception that can still support these claims are the studies of Van Opstal et al. (2010; 2011). To ensure this support, the research of Van Opstal et al. (2011) about subliminal processing visual stimuli is re-analyzed for this study. Additionally, this study examined if the size of the spatial window affects unconscious processing. This study concluded that unconscious information integration can take place depending on the size of the spatial window. More research is needed to understand what size the maximum to subliminal process visual stimuli is.