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Presentation Master's Thesis - Casper van Tongeren - Psychological Research Methods

Last modified on 31-08-2022
Hot hands: exploratory quantitative research on the effect of psychological momentum on performance in competitive gaming
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Start date
30-08-2022 12:00
End date
30-08-2022 13:00

Roeterseilandcampus - Building G


Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B



In this master thesis presentation Casper van Tongeren (13420550) will be discussing his Behavioral Data Science thesis on the presence of the psychological "hot hands" phenomenon in competitive VALORANT eSports gaming data. Some theoretical background related to the ongoing debate on the hot hand in conventional sports will be discussed, later to be extended and linked to the new rising form of competition: eSports. From here the theoretical framework of the current analyses, as well as the corresponding methods, will be explained. An overview of all relevant outcomes of the conducted analyses will be presented and discussed. These results will be translated to theoretical implications towards the main topic. Lastly, some points of discussion and recommendations for further research will be brought up, ending with a general conclusion of the Thesis.