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UB Dinner Second Edition

Come to the Library Dinner: Sold out!

Last modified on 17-10-2022
During exam week, on Monday 24 October, it is time once again for the UB Dinner. Afterwards, you can go into an evening study session full of new energy. This event is sold out.
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Start date
24-10-2022 16:30
End date
24-10-2022 17:30

You can either join the dinner with your study group or alone to meet new people. A vegetarian meal will be served at long tables in the canteen of the University Library (UB) Singel.

The dinner consists of a number of recipes prepared from the History of Food collection of the Allard Pierson. There will be some special dishes that have a link with the collections of the University Library and the Allard Pierson. Charlotte Kleijn, curator of the History of Food, will tell more about this during dinner. 


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