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Activities Humanities during Health Week

Last modified on 21-11-2022
During the Health Week from 21 until 25 November, the whole university gets moving together. The Faculty of Humanities offers inspiring workshops on 22 November.
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Please note: it is no longer possible to register for any of the workshops.

Workshop Siggie: 'Boost your resilience!'

During this workshop, you will learn about your character strengths and build on your resilience. You will explore your well-being and we invite you to get to know yourself better. Do you like to learn about the unique aspects of yourself and others? Subscribe for the workshop: Boost your resilience!

This workshop takes place during the following moments:

Siggie offers online coaching for students who want to work on their personal development. The coaching is fully imbursed by the UvA for all students of the Faculty of Humanities. 

Workshop Jellinek

Drinking beer, smoking joints, or maybe even a pill or a bump? It’s entirely possible that during your student time you may come into contact with, or become curious about, alcohol and other drugs. 

The use of these substances can affect you and how you feel in many ways. What's up with that? Perhaps you have burning questions of your own. For example, what happens to your body when you take MDMA? How do I deal with the social pressure surrounding alcohol? How addictive is cocaine really? Where can I go when I have any questions about alcohol and other drugs? Together with Jellinek and Unity Amsterdam, these questions (and more!) can be discussed in a safe environment.

This workshop takes place during the following moments:

Read more about the UvA policy regarding alcohol consumption

Vegan Asian food workshop and lunch

Join the vegan food workshop and learn how to make finger food and (lunch) dishes under the guidance of vegan chef Anne Wagenaar from Robin Food Volkskeuken. You will prepare snacks together with the caterer and serve for lunch to curious fellow students who were not able to participate in the workshop.

Vegan chef Anne Wagenaar wants to introduce interesting flavor combinations from the vegan kitchen and explains the importance of a balance between salt, sweet and sour and how important this is in a vegan diet. 'In the workshop I want to introduce the students Asian ingredients. I also want to show that vegan food is not difficult, and does not have to be expensive. I will also tell about importance of eating healthy, with ingredients from all food groups, and how simple it is to eat enough protein as vegans.' The dishes are easy to recreate at home: the ingredients are available in Dutch supermarkets and Asian shops.

This workshop takes place from 11:30 until 13:00, followed by a lunch from 13:00 until 14:00. De location is BG2 0.01 (Turfdraagsterpad 15-17). 

Free trial lessons at the USC: 'Fit by moving'

Have you always been curious about Martial Arts or do you want to swing for a night? Take a chance and sign up for one of the trial lessons at the USC!

You can follow a lesson on Introduction Martial Art (16:30 - 17:30) or Modern Dance for beginners (17:30 - 18:30). Before the lesson, you can check in at the information desk of the USC studio Amstelcampus (Tweede Boerhaavestraat 10, ingang Wibautstraat).