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This spring, an interactive audio artwork is coming to the Science Park campus: The Noise Gap. Mieke de Roo, artist and lecturer at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, has been awarded a Grassroots Science4all grant, together with four students from the Bachelor's programme in Bèta-gamma. This grant is aimed at improving diversity and inclusivity at the Faculty of Science (FNWI).

The Noise Gap: Cile van Marken, Annabel Zwarts, Mieke de Roo, Hilal Demirel and Simone Flipse
fLTR: Cile van Marken, Annabel Zwarts, Mieke de Roo, Hilal Demirel and Simone Flipse

The artwork is a sound installation of different speakers, from which abstracts of scientific publications on, and personal experiences with, gender bias in science and at the university are read in a whisper tone. The visitor will hear the buzzing of voices when standing in the middle of the room. Moving closer to one of the speakers, the visitor can listen to one of the individual stories.

As such, the group wants to draw attention to the gender gap in science and the university in an innovative way. 


Interactive and alive

UvA students and staff are invited to participate, by recording an abstract of a scientific paper and/or a personal experience with gender bias, at the end of February or the beginning of March.

These stories can be heard on the Science Park campus later this spring and will serve to raise awareness and start a dialogue on gender bias for all students and staff members of the University of Amsterdam.

The Noise Gap

Be a part of The Noise Gap

Do you identify as a woman and would you like to take part in this audio artwork? More information can be found on The Noise Gap website. Make sure to sign up before 21 February!