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On Tuesday 15 June, from 16:00 to 18:00, the police will be on Roeterseiland campus with many officers in uniform and a tuk-tuk serving coffee. The officers will speak to dog owners and ask for their cooperation. They will also give away police dog collars.


The event is part of the national policy community campaign ‘Waaks’ (‘Vigilant’), in which the Amsterdam police also participate. Waaks is a collaborative project between the police, the municipality and dog owners to increase safety in the neighborhood and to prevent house and car break-ins and other forms of crime

Officers will speak to dog owners and ask them to be alert to what is going on in the neighbourhood. As dog owners are the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood, the police will appeal to them to report suspicious activities. In this way, residents, the municipality and the police can work together to make the neighbourhood safer.