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On 6 April 2021 the University of Amsterdam will be sounding the alarm for the higher education sector. On this ‘Alarm Day’ people will be protesting in The Hague and other university towns to raise awareness of the underfunding of the academic education sector. We will present outgoing Minister for Education Van Engelshoven and the new MPs elected to Parliament with a manifesto in which we call for a permanent annual capital injection of 1.1 billion euros. Alarm Day was initiated by WOinActie in association with the VSNU.

Geert ten Dam, President of the UvA’s Executive Board, will also be there in The Hague on 6 April and commented: 'Education is the best investment you can make. I hope everyone will support us in calling on the new cabinet to invest a further 1.1 billion euros in higher education on a structural basis.'

Universities are structurally underfunded

Dutch universities are among the best in the world. This benefits all of society. It ensures that our economy is competitive and innovative. Our universities educate the people we need to meet the challenges of our time. 

Unfortunately, our universities are struggling due to being structurally underfunded. Although the number of students has been increasing for years, funding per student has dropped. This has left precious little time and financial resources to conduct high-quality research or deliver high-quality teaching, let alone both. 

Students no longer receive the education they deserve and our teaching staff and researchers are struggling to cope. It is high time to address this situation and to work towards a normal level of funding to ensure the students of today receive the proper education they need to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

What can you do?

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