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In September and October the Social Safety Taskforce organizes group conversations and the performance of a play called The Learning Curve, to raise awareness of socially unsafe situations in academia, while at the same time exploring ways to tackle problems.

In-depth group conversations

The Social Safety Taskforce organizes in-depth group conversations within the UvA to gather information for plans and recommendations aimed at enhancing social safety within the University. The conversations provide the opportunity to exchange views on social safety at the University, and to share perspectives on what you believe should or could be done differently at the UvA. For those who cannot participate in the online group conversations scheduled for September and October or do not feel comfortable to do so, a questionnaire has been developed.

Invitation to the play The Learning Curve

By means of the theatre play The Learning Curve, which concerns harassment at universities, the Social Safety Taskforce aims to boost awareness of the topic of social safety. The play showcases harassment in academia and leaves room to investigate ways in which to tackle this issue. Staff and students are invited to attend the play and to take part in the post-show discussion.

The play will be performed on several campuses. We take the corona measures into account in the organization and performance of the plays. As a result, less audience can be present. One of the performances is therefore also offered as a live stream.

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