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On 31 August you’ll begin your new study, or your next academic year. This year we’re doing a number of things differently than usual. Studying at home remains the norm although some of the lectures will be given on campus. In order to do this safely, all buildings and classrooms/workplaces have been organised to meet 1.5-meter distancing rules. This means that one-way traffic applies where necessary and entrances and exits are kept separate.

Are you new to the UvA? Then upload a passport photo for your student ID card as soon as possible. You can only access the buildings using your student ID card.

In order to study safely, we ask you to keep to the following agreements:

  • Only come to the UvA if you have a lecture. Study places are only available in the library and a reservation is required. [link:] After your last lecture, please leave the building and don’t hang around. This allows other teaching activities to continue undisturbed, in line with the RIVM guidelines.
  • Always take your student ID card with you to check in and out. This way we know how many people are in the buildings and we can all work safely.
  • If possible, come by bicycle, moped/scooter or on foot, so that we don’t overburden public transport.
  • Follow directions and walking routes. Is your destination less than six floors up? Then take the stairs.
  • Help keep the buildings clean. Leave your workplace and classroom clean after use. Cleaning supplies are available.

And of course the RIVM guidelines also apply:

  • Stay at home if you (or one of your housemates) have a cold or a fever
  • Maintain a 1.5-meter distance from others
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Sneeze or cough in your elbow.

Clean buildings

All buildings are being cleaned more often. You can help out with this by leaving a clean work space behind you. Cleaning products are available from the reception areas of the buildings or, in some locations, at service points.


The restaurants are open, but are operating differently from what you may be used to. You can buy food and drinks but having lunch together in large groups is no longer permitted. Please pay close attention to the signs and follow instructions from our staff.

What about the buildings?

Walking routes have been developed for each building to allow people to keep enough distance from each other. Please follow the directions, including in elevators and restrooms. Hosts are located at building entrances to guide access to the buildings. Do follow their directions.

Would you like to know more? See the student site.